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Thank you for visiting the Collingham & District web site.  


You might like to know why I have created this website - quite simply, I have connections with Collingham and I thought a web site covering all the activities in Collingham and the surrounding area would be useful.  Being a website designer, it seemed the obvious thing to do was to create one!


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About the creator of Collingham and District web site

Although I now live in north Leeds, I have a number of connections with Collingham.  I have been a member of Collingham Band for the last ten years, and for many years I lived on Millbeck Green in Collingham.  Since the start of 2017, I have been helping as a volunteer at the newly-formed Collingham Computer Café.

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Polkadot Website Design

Polkadot Music

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As a professional website designer, I have designed and built web sites for many types of organisation.  Some examples are featured on my Polkadot Website Design web site, together with sample prices.


If you like my sites and need a new web site, do contact me to find out what I can do for you.  Whether you need a single page or a more extensive web site, I can tailor an affordable package to suit your organisation.  I can even create your own web page on this web site - see Advertising.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Home page of Polkadot Pictures and Framing web site

As well as being a website designer, I am also a picture framer.  I hold a monthly event in Collingham Memorial Hall as Polkadot Pictures and Framing, where I take commissions for framing and also sell framed original art.

Polkadot Pictures and Framing

I hope you find this web site useful, and do feel free to contact me if you run a business or a community group in Collingham, Linton, Bardsey, East Keswick or Harewood and would like a free listing on the Collingham & District web site.

When not framing pictures or creating web sites, I divide most of my time between various musical activities.  As well as playing with Collingham Band, I am learning the piano and I run a music group which aims to give adult music students performing experience in a supportive environment of fellow students.

I also run a classical music web site, Polkadot Music, which carries useful information about a variety of classical music topics.  It also lists music teachers in the Leeds area as well as dates of concerts by local bands and orchestras.

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